Focus Marketing Communications
Targeted strategic and tactical public relations 
to support sales and business development 
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     Who are we?
                    Founded by former journalists and specialists in marketing communications, we're
                an independent public relations consultancy that has specialised in consumer PR,
                business to business PR, and corporate media relations for over 25 years.


                           With us, it's always personal
Our personal approach means we’re particularly good at providing PR 
support and strategic advice for young start-ups and small businesses.
But we're also experienced enough to have provided a mix of PR services 
for major international organisations like Warner Bros., Universal Music, CBS,
Bertelsmann, Boosey & Hawkes, Random House and Trimble.
                                        We apply consumer PR thinking to B2B
  You won’t hear a lot of PR jargon from us. But you will hear lots of
  imaginative and strategic PR ideas to help you develop your business
  and your brand ... and increase sales.
  Our approach is to take the creative thinking usually found in consumer
  PR and apply it to business to business communications.
  With our strong writing skills, we make what you have to say as irresistible
  as possible to your target audience. And our background in journalism means
  we can produce quality content for targeted content marketing campaigns.


                                               Right message, right audience, right time

     Our success is built on our ability to deliver the right message to the right
     audience at the right time.
     That’s why we take time to understand your business, your brand, your
     target audience, and your sales and marketing objectives.
     We work with you to devise and mould your key messages and communications
     strategy – then segment your target audience into as many sub-groups as possible.
     Because clear and accurate communication is vital to the success of every business,
     we tailor our creative solutions to match each of your discrete customer groups. We 
     then convey relevant information to them via the print, broadcast and online media
     serving each sector.

                                           Great results - at great prices!
   Our reputation for providing effective advice and achieving great results means we
   have frequently been rewarded with high levels of client retention.
   We’ve been working with some of our clients for over 20 years!
   And because we’ve remained compact, lean and flexible, you’ll find we’re very
   competitive on price in these cost-conscious times!


 Focus Marketing Communications
           Tel: 01747 871085