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Targeted strategic and tactical public relations 
to support sales and business development 
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Welcome to Focus Content Marketing

Targeted content-led marketing services to increase sales

Focus Content Marketing is a London-based online news and content agency that provides          
integrated content marketing services to enhance customer engagement and generate
sales leads.
Our keyword-driven content marketing solutions include the strategic planning, creation,
distribution and curation of:
 Customer-focused blogs
Social media content
Website content
Brand journalism
Targeted eNewsletters
Interactive digital magazines
White papers
... and more


 Our tailor-made original content, written by 
 experienced journalists, provides an efficient,
 low-cost method of ‘educating’ customers and
 building awareness of your products or services.
 We cost effectively connect companies to customers
 at all stages of the buying process by telling 
 engaging, relevant, informative and entertaining 
 stories that audiences want to hear.


 As a sister company to Focus Marketing 
 Communications, we combine many years of 
 experience in journalism with a communications
 consultancy that has been providing creative
 solutions and strategic advice for more than 
 25 years.

 Communicating with customers is 
 In today’s ‘opt-in’ culture, telling interesting
 well-written stories is a more cost-effective way of 
 attracting attention than traditional ‘interruption 
 marketing’, such as advertising or direct mail.
 That's why more companies are now putting 
 journalist-quality branded content at the heart of 
 their SEO and social media marketing strategies.


 Customers who opt-in to your content are, 
 in effect, giving you permission to market to them.

 Interested in working with us?

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 Customers need objective advice
 A 2011 McKinsey & Co. report highlighted 
 customers’ growing “thirst for objective advice” 
 and showed how a premium is now being placed 
 on problem-solving and strategic-thinking skills.


 That’s why we create trustworthy content 
 designed to show your customers or clients how 
 you can help solve their problems.
 We help you give customers more informed 
 choices in order to personalise their experience 
 with your brand – and so drive lead generation.


 By giving them the information they’re seeking,
 you can interact with them on a much more
 personal level … building trust, and keeping you 
 Google updates have pushed 
 content to the fore

 Google’s recent updates to its ranking system 
 have pushed quality content to the forefront,
 while shrinking the importance of technical SEO


 Now more than ever, the consistent use of
 high-quality, keyword-driven content can 
 elevate your website to the top of search 
 results… and keep you there.

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