Focus Marketing Communications
Targeted strategic and tactical public relations 
to support sales and business development 


                                    Focus Marketing Communications

                                 Increasing sales, managing reputation, driving website traffic.

 "The odds of  hitting your  target go up  dramatically  when you aim  at it ..."

 - Mal Pancoast
Targeted public relations consultancy 
Focus Marketing Communications is an independent public relations and
content marketing consultancy based in London.
We’ve been providing tightly-targeted PR services, creative solutions,
and strategic advice for more than 25 years.
We have a broad range of experience across many different industries, but
we have particular expertise in leisure, building and property, toys and games, mobile telecoms, technology, publishing and business services.
Whatever we're promoting, we maximize your sales opportunities by segmenting your potential customers into as many sub-groups as possible
We then tailor creative solutions for each discrete customer group - and 
communicate targeted information to them via the multi-channel media serving 
each sector.

This emphasis on targeted PR is how Focus got its name.

By conveying the right message to the right people at the right time, we help you achieve greater penetration and brand awareness … driving more traffic to 
your website, and paving the way for your sales team.
It's a targeted approach that has delivered a return on investment for clients ranging from small start-ups to major international companies like Warner Bros., Universal, Trimble, Bertelsmann, Hornby Hobbies/Corgi, Eposs-Western Union, Random House and Manhattan Software.

It's all about increasing sales ... and managing reputation.

We help you increase sales of your products and services by helping to 
change the way your business and your brand are perceived. And we 
build and protect your reputation in the marketplace.

We also help to drive more traffic to your website.
We achieve this through our creative flair for consistently developing great
ideas and then having the tenacity to make them happen.
It’s a no-nonsense, targeted approach that has proved itself again and again
over the past 25 years ... resulting in high levels of client retention.
 Focus Marketing Communications
           Tel: 01747 871085